I began riding when I was three. My family owned and ran a sixty head BHS/USPC oriented dressage and hunter/jumper stable in MI. I have owned my own horses and maintained a small barn (AZ, LA, TX, NC, respectively) for over thirty-five years. A proficient rider, I am able to correctly "put the horse to the aids" in a classical manner.

Have started horses that grew up on the range (wild) as well as those raised in a classical setting. Like to establish a foundation of "habitual calmness" in all horses that are going to be handled or worked.

Competed successfully in equitation, hunter, stadium jumping and dressage through age 21 at mostly "A" shows or similar level. Competed successfully as an adult in dresssage under "I" Judges and hunter/jumper and CT shows. Students have competed successfully in dressage, hunter/jumper, stadium and/or CT.

Have studied and practiced Hatha Yoga and martial arts to improve flexibility, fitness and focus.

1988 - 1991
Coach of UNC Chapel Hill Equestrian Team. Organized diverse group of young riders
into competitive team with more advanced mentoring less advanced. Although the team
was "short" (undermanned), team rose from 11th out of 11 to 4th in less than two years,
gaining first time qualification on the Northeastern Collegiate Regional Circuit.
1989 - 1991
Director & Head Instructor of YMCA Durham NC Horsemanship Program. Took over
an equestrian program that was losing money. Drafted a proposal that "rearranged" the
existing annual budget for the program. The new annual budget allowed a percentage
for new equipment, improvements to the facilities, and new horses. Within two years the
program was clearing over $60,000 annually.
Scored a "10" on the halt under an "I" Judge. Austin. TX.
1976 - 1977
Introduced USPC in Cochise County, AZ. Shelley Yarborough and I were instrumental
in the organization of the USPC Chapter in Benson, AZ.
1972 - 1977
4-H Horsemanship Program Leader. Cochise County, AZ.
1972 - 1977
Long Distance and Endurance Wilderness Riding. Rode one horse approximately
20,000 miles throughout the Chirichahua, Mule Mountain and Dragoon mountain ranges
in southeastern Arizona, over a five year time span.
Jessica Ransehousen, 2 day dressage clinic, Raleigh, NC 
Michael Matthews, 2 day dressage clinic, Austin, TX
Jergen Mainzer, (2) 2 day dressage clinincs, Austin, TX
Franz Rockowanski, (2) 2 day dressage clinics, Austin, TX
Gwen Stockebrand, 3 day dressage clinic, Covington, LA
Karl Milkoka, 2 day conformation and suitability clinic, Houston, TX
Charles DeKunffy, 2 day dressage clinic, Houston, TX
Linda Benson, 10 days three-day-event instruction, 2 hours/day, Marietta, GA
Bruce Davidson, 2 day three-day-event clinic, Covington, LA
1978 - 1979
Victor Mueller, German Intermediate Instructor, worked together daily schooling
horses and instructing students, Ft. Huachuca, AZ and Ft. Polk, LA
Fritz Weiss, 2 days dressage instruction, Ann Arbor, MI
1976 - 1978
Shelley Yarborough, "A" rated Pony Clubber, worked together daily exchanging
knowledge, schooling horses, wilderness mountain riding, and instructing
students, Bisbee, AZ
Col. Bengt Ljungquist, 2 day dressage clinic, Tucson, AZ
1979 - 1980
A.S., Equitation and Horsemanship Teaching Certificate, Northwestern State
University, Natchitoches, LA
4-H Horsemanship Program for Farriers, trimming and hot shoeing, Cochise County, AZ
1966 - 1970
Stockbridge Farms, St. Joseph, MI, Balance Seat, horsemanship, equitation, dressage
and cross-country, rode 5-6 days/week, instruction weekly in winter, daily in summer,
under BHSSI Nancy D. Brown
1964 - 1965
Stoneleigh-Burnham, Greenfield, MA, equitation, dressage and CT instruction
(five days/week) under Judith Maxwell
1961 - 1964
Laughin' Place Stables, Buchanan, MI, international caliber open jumping
instruction (weekly) under U.S Cavalry Officer Col. Gaffey
1955 - 1964
Stockbridge Farms, St. Joseph, MI, Balance Seat, horsemanship, equitation,
hunt seat and cross-country, rode 3-5 days/week, instruction weekly,
under BHSSI Caroline Brown
1981 - 1984
B.S. candidate in Mathematics & Computer Science, completed 3 1/2 years
of study, University of Texas, Austin, Texas
Dean's Honor List 1982
1979 - 1980
A.S., Equitation and Horsemanship Teaching Certificate
Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana
1979 - 1981
Pre-veterinary Medicine, completed two year program
Louisiana State University, Alexandria, Louisiana
Magna cum Laude 1979 - 1981
B.A. candidate in Fine Art, completed 1 year of study
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Melissa Hoffmann
Franklinton NC